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On Sale Now ! 
22 Poster Set
A very nice set of posters, with words in Arabic and English.Only 40 dollars.Click above for more details! 
Saheeh Quran Small
This Quran is in a zipper in the English and Arabic, with spot marker. This nice Quran is on sale now for only 8 dollars. 
Muhammad The Beloved of Allah
A quality book about the messenger Muhammad,written by Salim bin Muhammad Rafi. Includes 339 pages. This book explains many aspects about this Noble prophet. Only 9 dollars!  
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Welcome to Jarir Bookstore!

We are proud to offer you our Exclusive Collection

Our selection includes a unique assortment of publications, CDs and DVDs in English and Arabic.

Are you looking for…

…History, Poetry, Islamic Education, Arabic Literature

…CDs with individual Surahs or the entire Qoran

…DVDs to educate or just to entertain

...Decorative items including beautiful calligraphy for your home or office

...And other items directly from the Islamic or Arabic world…

Then we invite you to browse our catalog at your leisure to see these items and more.  Or if you are in the Los Angeles area, we invite you to stop by our store.


We frequently receive new shipments so if you don’t find what you're looking for, or have any questions, please ask us in the discussions menu, put a special request through, or give us a call at our toll free number.


Located in Anaheim, California, Jarir Bookstore is one of America's largest online sources for the latest publications from the Arab world. You can also check out alkitab.com


Thank You,

The Staff of Jarir Books



Jarir Bookstore News 
Jarir Bookstore
Jarir Bookstore operates out of Anaheim, California. Opened to the public Mondays-Saturdays 10am-8pm/Sundays 10am-6pm,your invited to stop by the store. 
$5 2004 Planner $5 
2004 Daily Planner
Great leatherbound daily planner in English & Arabic, with Gregorian and Hijri dates. Helps a great deal to keep you organized. With world timezones,map, and other useful infomation. 
Ferdows Travel 
Ferdows Travel
Contact Al Ferdows for all your travel needs. 

Special Offers
Al makalat al yabania
Only $15.00
More Info
Annahu Al Wadih 1/2
Only $12.00
More Info
Hayawanat Fi Nazha Popups
Only $8.00
More Info
Jaami Ahkam An Nisaa 1/5
Only $75.00
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Mustafa Lutfi complete works
Only $28.00
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Saydaliya Tab'iya
Only $16.00
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